Grants - Giving Back


Grant Guidelines

The Indy SurviveOars are a group of dedicated breast cancer survivors and others committed to the cause of breast cancer. 

Mission Statement

The Indy SurviveOars mission is to help provide breast cancer survivors with a strong message of hope, inspiration and encouragement.  This mission is manifested through the development of their own dragon boat racing team.

Giving Back

The Indy SurviveOars have developed a grant program to “pay it forward” and “give back” for all the support they have been given since their start in 2007.

Grant Request Guidelines

  • All grant requests must be submitted in writing.
  • Requests are to be mailed to:  INSO, P.O Box 502984, Indianapolis, IN  46250 or emailed to: 
  • Contact person is Elaine Shea, President.
  • Grant request are to be limited to two typewritten pages.
  • All requests should include the following information:

      -Name of organization and mission statement

      -Contact person address, phone and email

      -Proposed use of funds

      -Charitable tax status

      -Dollar amount requested

  • Maximum of $1500 per grant per year and limited to 501 c 3 Indiana not for profits.
  • There is no guarantee a grant request will be funded.
  • Grants will not be made to individuals.
  • Receipt of Grant funds must be acknowledged in writing.
  • Written verification must be submitted to the Indy SurviveOars that the funds were used for the purpose indicated.
  • A new grant request must be submitted each year.




Mail to: P.O Box 502984
Indianapolis, IN 46250